Traditional Recruitment Methods

The recruitment of staff can be an expensive and lengthy exercise.

The recognised method is generally:

  1. Company job board
  2. Manufacturer job board
  3. Networking (eg. Linkedin or Facebook)
  4. Recruitment agency

The lead time with job boards is lengthy and doesn't always generate the quality of candidate expected. They will also generate a number of CV'S that have no relevance whatsoever to the position being advertised.

Networking is proving to be an efficient way to find candidates but has its drawbacks in limited choice.

A good recruitment agency has an extensive database, updated and cleansed regularly, which offers an unrivalled selection of relevant candidates immediately.

The most relevant candidates are those selected & interviewed by an industry experienced recruitment business. They are available for immediate consideration, are vetted by the agency and details provided immediately upon request. Time is money. We want our clients to have the best available choice as quickly as possible to ensure a vacancy is filled, allowing the department to maintain its efficiency.

Yes, there is a cost involved, but balance that against the management time using the other facilities, and it makes sense.

We have fresh available candidates, currently in the market, looking to develop their careers.

They would be selected, interviewed and presented to you in a manner which offers you an immediate insight into their skill set.

How Edward Fila Associates can Help You

Rather than sifting through endless CV's, would you not rather consider a prepared shortlist, arrange interview dates, and know you have the right candidates to consider immediately?

Remember, time is money, and while you have an empty sales or service desk, the business will be losing a profit opportunity.

The best candidates are the ones who will be snapped up immediately.

Using our regularly refreshed database, you will have access to these candidates the moment they register their availability.

We have a substantial national database of candidates experienced in the industry:

  • Senior Management
  • Service & Aftersales Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Business & Transaction Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Workshop Supervisors & Controllers
  • Technicians
  • Master Technicians
  • Parts & Service Advisors
  • Parts Delivery Drivers
  • Administration staff

are registering with us daily.

The Edward Fila Associates Quality Assurance

Our aim is to provide the dealer network with a selection of suitable staff for any vacancy.

All candidates are subject to a strict selection policy and are interviewed prior to being selected and offered for a vacancy.

Contact Edward Fila Associates

Should you wish our assistance with your recruitment needs, please do not hesitate to contact our office, and we will discuss how we can be of benefit to your business.

Our Terms & Conditions will be sent upon request.